Turkish Society for Geomorphology



Geomorphology is the science that examines and introduces landforms and the processes in charge of their creation. The interrelation between landforms and the dynamic processes is necessary to understand landforms and their origin. The scope of the Society for Geomorphology includes consultation for state authorities and policy development  for administrators on coastal zones of oceans, seas and rivers, coastal erosion and coastal management, soil erosion, weathering of rocks, all kinds of mass movements and related hazard mitigation, management of rivers, basins and water resources, riverbed restoration, design and planning of waste disposal and treatment areas, regional planning, land use potential, rural land use, urban land use, slope zone management etc. One another aim of the Society is the “Environmental Management” applications focusing on difficulties of site management in the course of changing environmental conditions. Protection and conservation of fossil and actual landforms, sustainable use of natural resources, management and protection of geological monuments are among the aims of the Society for Geomorphology.

About Society

The Turkish Society for Geomorphology aims to popularize Geomorphology science, contribute its development, supply technical support, consultancy and training to the agencies who are dealing with Geomorphology related issues, to improve the employment opportunities for Geomorphologists and support the recognition of Geomorphology as a profession, enhancing and standardizing job qualifications, organizing national and international scientific, educational and social activities. Defending state benefits on natural resources, natural monuments, disasters and disaster management, water resource management, basin management, land use potential and planning topics. 

Board of Management

Prof. Dr. Hüseyin TUROĞLU (Chair)

Prof. Dr. Hakan YİĞİTBAŞIOĞLU (Vice Chair)

Prof. Dr. A. Evren ERGİNAL (General Secretary)

Prof. Dr. Abdullah SOYKAN (Comptroller) 

Prof. Dr. Uğur DOĞAN (Member)

Prof. Dr. Tuncer DEMİR (Member)

Prof. Dr. Kirami ÖLGEN (Member)

Members of Founder

Prof. Dr. Hüseyin TUROĞLU - Istanbul University

Prof. Dr. Hakan YİĞİTBAŞIOĞLU - Ankara University

Prof. Dr. Uğur DOĞAN - Ankara University

Prof. Dr. Tuncer DEMİR - Akdeniz University

Prof. Dr. Abdullah SOYKAN - Balıkesir University

Prof. Dr. İhsan ÇİÇEK - Ankara University

Prof. Dr. A. Evren ERGİNAL - Ardahan University

Prof. Dr. İsa CÜREBAL - Balıkesir University

Associate Prof. Dr. Kirami ÖLGEN - Ege University

Associate Prof. Dr. Cengiz YILDIRIM - Istanbul Technical University

Assist. Prof. Dr. Lütfi NAZİK - Kırşehir Ahi Evran University

Assist. Prof. Dr. Musa ULUDAĞ - Trakya University

Assist. Prof. Dr. Cihan BAYRAKDAR - Istanbul University

Assist. Prof. Dr. Tolga GÖRÜM - Istanbul University

Geomorphologist İlker ALAN - State Meteorology Directorate